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Toxic Temple (www.toxictemple.beauty) is as art-project-gone-religious-cult first created by Anna Lerchbaumer and Kilian Jörg in 2019. Since then the cult infected several other artists, who are performing the cult of the Toxic Temple together. Sabrina Rosina is the High Priestess of the Temple since 2020.
Toxic Temple is an attempt to reflect on the darker sides of our ecological complex of problems in a creative and innovative way. It seeks to experiment with unthought-of paradigms of action as a Cult of Waste or a religion of pollution.
Plastic, electronic waste, cement, steel and aluminium as well as nuclear waste will in all likelihood outlive humanity. From this point of view, they can be understood as messages to the after-life (of humanity). Through this transcendent motif, we want to make the sensuality of our eco-catastrophe, which is usually discussed in abstract numerical regimes, accessible and palpable. Through simultaneously humorous and serious speculation about new relationships and forms of communication after humanity, we explore the autopoetic language of assemblages in their not-, or not-more-only-human agency.
Contrary to a naïve “nature conservation” ecology with the one-sided goal of keeping so-called “nature” clean, we in Toxic Temple believe that only by cultivating our filthy, polluting and toxic practices, we have a chance to deal maturely with the hyper-complex mess of the present. To this end, we examine the machines and modern consumer goods beyond their brief appearance on the stages of global capitalism: from the geological origins of their basic resources, their extraction and exploitation, to the recycling yards and rubbish dumps as harbingers of the “Anthropocene” layer.
A multimedia-spiritual excursion into manifold borderlands of the human world under power and pressing down on the layers of the earth.

Special contributions to the Toxic Temple:
>>Zophobas morio - the Apostels of the Temple