How to participate:

  1. Go for a walk in the woods.
  2. Look at your surroundings.
  3. Find a pretty piece of bark.
  4. Pick it up and check for bugs and other critters, which you shall leave behind.
  5. Mark your current location on your smartphone (e.g. GoogleMaps).
  6. Continue to enjoy your walk while carefully bringing your bark home.
  7. At home pick up some ink/dy/paint or make your own by following the instructions here.
  8. Brush the bark to clear its surface from any loose debris.
  9. With a paint roller (the smaller the easier to handle, regular big ones will do as well) apply paint to inner side of bark piece.
  10. Take a piece of paper/cloth of choice and press it firmly to the coloured bark.
  11. Keep pressing it evenly down, following the curve of the bark with fingers and hands, while making sure to not shift the paper while doing so.
  12. Lift the paper off to reveal the outcome.
  13. Repeat with new layer of paint if unsatisfied.
  14. Let your print dry.
  15. Make a scan or photo of it and upload it here together with the GPS coordinates.
  16. Receive an interpretation of which bugs have eaten through your bark-piece and contribute to an open data pool of bark-beetle distribution.